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Does your supplier independently test their fabrics for quality?

So many manufacturers say they have the highest quality fabrics, the coolest jersey or the best design but what is backing that up? Apart from some fancy marketing and a cool brand, what proves their claim on quality?

At Champion System we independently test our fabrics for quality and function. An example is our CS Tech Jersey Fabric. This fabric is sourced from the best mills in Italy, so we know it is top quality but we took it to the next level by having a world leading university test the fabric for it's moisture wicking characteristics. We had them test to the AATC standard and our jersey came out with top marks. When you add that this material has 100% permanent UV protection, passes all flammabilty tests and has been ridden and proven in competition around the world you know you are getting quality with the facts to back it up.

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Our Fabrics - Explained





Only Champion System jerseys move and breathe with you using our exclusive mircofiber CS TECH polyester wicking fabric. Our jersey are designed for cool, warm, and hot/humid conditions. Champion System jerseys are anatomically shaped and tailored to a riding position. 50+ UV.


A fully printable stretch-mesh fabric, CS Tech Mesh has exceptional elasticity which offers greater shape retention and freedom of movement combined with maximum breathablity. 



Made from a premium Italian fabric the CS Airlite Jersey offers superior breathing and moisture-management technology. Weighing in at an incredible 150 grams per yard, the CS AIRLITE Jersey is so light that you'll forget you're wearing it. Best of all, it offers an outstanding 50+ permanent UV Protection. For the ultimate in comfort and style choose the CS AIRLITE Jersey and feel the difference. 





















CS Tech Lite is a lightweight, soft and breathable fabric designed for active sports, keeping you cool and dry while you heat up. Ideal for extremely warm and humid conditions, offering rapid moisture evaporation and unmatched airflow


Exclusively developed, triathlon specific fabric that offers superior breathability and moisture-management technology. Polyamide-engineered knit fabric construction make for a super fast, incredibly light weight suit with superior wicking properties. CS HYDRODRY works with your body to enhance movement and increase support allowing you to race harder and longer.



An exclusively designed engineered knit fabric featuring a specific cross hatch yarn layup that maximizes compression, fit, and comfort.























CS Tech Fleece is an incredibly lightweight and warm brushed fleece. It's a single-sided fleece, which means only the inside is fleece-lined. The outside has a smooth finish. CS Tech Fleece is the ideal midweight fabric for cool weather conditions.


CS Tech Fleece Lite is an incredibly lightweight brushed fleece which provides exceptional breathablity to keep you dry and warm. This fabric traps heat to insulate and move moisture off your skin. CS Tech Fleece Lite is an ideal lightweight fabric for cool weather conditions



Forget layers and layers of rough, bulkly and ill-fitting clothing. Champion System's CS ThermoShield fabric is designed to keep you warm even when temperatures drop below freezing. Our exclusive CS ThermoShield fabric is a windproof, three-layer fleece. With normal fabrics, wind cuts through the material, making you feel cold. CS ThermoShield stops the wind and the chill that comes with it.





















Champion System Wind Jackets and Wind Vests are made from our exclusive CS WindGuard fabrci. CS WindGuard is a lightweight shell fabric that is both wind and water resistant. Perfect for cool weather conditions, garments made with CS WindGuard can be easily removed and stored in a jersey pocket.


Aerodynamically designed to reduce drag from the air as you move, CS DIMPLE is wind tunnel tested and proven to make you faster.



CS HELIUM is the lighest and most breathable fabric available in our range. Specifically designed to increase comfort under all conditions by drawing moisture away from the skin with the added benefit of being superlight.



















CS Vivid is a printable fabric with hundreds of reflective dots that amplify light. It is not just bright colored fabric, neon highlights, or piping, but rather CS Vivid is a fully customizable fabric that glows when light hits it. This innovative fabric helps you be seen and keep safe in low-light condition while not affecting the beautiful design of your custom apparel.


More information about CS VIVID:

As a company of cyclists, safety while riding is always one of our top concerns. Our goal with CS Vivid was to create a product that allows the rider to be seen on the road while also keep their design on the apparel. CS Vivid is a fabric that lights up when light hits the fabric while keeping the jersey or short design. This is not just bright colored fabric, neon highlights, or piping, but rather CS Vivid is a fully customizable fabric that glows when light hits it.

This innovative fabric helps a rider be seen on the road and looking good at lunch after the ride. Rather than a small fluorescent detailing or patch, Reflect Plus takes the reflective property to the next level. The fabric is placed in places on the apparel that move, so when light hits the apparel, it creates a moving light that can be seen by drivers.


  • Printable fabric with hundreds of reflective dots that amplify light to keep you safe on the road
  • CS Vivid option is available on cycling jerseys, jackets, bibs, and tights
  • Reflect Plus option available on the pockets of “tops” and the rear panel of “bottoms” ensuring maximum exposure and safety
  • During daylight hours your design is not affected





























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