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Champion System Quality Pack


Not sure about Champion System? Keen to get your hands on some kit so you can touch and feel before committing? Totally understand! We can send you a no cost and no obligation Quality Pack which contains key items from our technical garment range so you can review for yourself - Free to See! Sound good? Order your Quality Pack now and receive a FREE gift!  Please note: quality packs need to be returned to Champion System UK within 14 days. Please contact us if you need to keep the pack longer i.e. to show your commitee members at your next meeting. 


Like all manufacturers, Champion System have our own sizing. We have different materials, different cuts and different templates - all which slightly alter the size of your garments, and which are different from other manufacturers. We have a set of comprehensive SIZING CHARTS that you can access and review BUT we strongly recommend that you use these in conjunction with our CS Service Packs - see below.

*NOTE: Varying styles such as Race and Club cut jerseys, standard and razor bib shorts etc will fit slightly differently. Varying cut patterns on shorts for example will all fit slighly differently as will flatlock seamed items.

Champion System Service Packs

CS Service Packs are designed to alow you to try on the garments you are looking at ordering to make sure you are ordereing the correct sizes. These items are not to be used!

During the process of our online order, after you upload your design information, you will be asked whether you require a CS Service Pack. Simply fill in the form and submit and our friendly staff will send a range of sizes for you to try. If you don't fill in this form you will not be sent any samples! If you miss this step please contact your Custom Apparel Specialist who will be glad to arrange for you.

These items are designed for sizing only - samples should not be used to determine the quality of garments you recieve.

Champion System Sizing Parties

If you are a large club/team with many members we can organise a CS Sizing Party just for you! Rather than send out a few samples in the post we'll bring a heap of clothing you and your members to try on/discuss with one of our expert members of staff! Please ring us on  01204 869996 for more details.


For more information please browse our informative website or contact our friendly Champion System team on 01204 869996 or You can also follow us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and LINKEDIN.